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Sonam Losar is a significant festival celebrated in Nepal, particularly in the Tamang Buddhist communities. The festival marks the beginning of the new year in the Tibetan lunar calendar and is also known as Losar.

Sonam Losar is a significant festival celebrated in Nepal, particularly in the Tamang Buddhist communities. The festival marks the beginning of the new year in the Tibetan lunar calendar and is also known as Losar. Since 2048 B.S., Nepal Tamang Ghedung has been organizing Sonam Loshar Festival Celebration Event on the occasion of Sonam Loshar to celebrate with great joy and huge presence of people representing Tamang Community having honorable Prime Minister as chief guest at Tudhikhel, Kathmandu in order to protect, preserve and promote their art & culture along with tourism promotion in the nation where the event has been managed by Namaste Sound.

Sonam Losar marks the beginning of a new year and is a time for renewal, purification, and spiritual growth. It is believed to be a period of good fortune, prosperity, and happiness. It is based on mathematical calculation and observed by recognizing each new year named after 12 different birds & animals in cycle of 12 years where repetition is made after a cycle (12 years). Sonam Loshar is culturally celebrated in following ways:

  • Monks and devotees gather for chanting, meditation, and prayer sessions to purify the mind and soul.
  • Offerings of sacred ritualistic food are made to the gods and spirits to ensure peace, harmony, and good luck.
  • Special dishes are prepared and enjoyed such as roasted barley flour and cyhang.
  • Traditional Tamang music and dance performances are held to entertain and bring joy to the community.
  • Homes and monasteries are decorated with colorful flags, streamers, and traditional Tibetan ornaments.

Sonam Losar is a vibrant and meaningful festival that celebrates new beginnings, renewal, and spiritual growth.

Although Sonam Loshar is 15 days long celebrated festival, at Kathmandu people have been celebrating it for 3 days (starting from 2 days prior to the actual date of festival). Namaste Sound has been managing the event for 3 days along with pre-set ups and post celebration aspects at Tudikhel, Kathmandu. Namaste Sound has given its all to make the event grand, successful, and enjoyable in best possible way and had made the organizers as well as the audience very satisfied with its services.

Day 1: All set ups and checking are made in order to deliver quality services. Every aspects of management are handled by Namaste Sound to ensure smooth operation during the event.

Day 2: This day is celebrated as eve with various performances by renowned artists to attract the attention of people. Number of stalls, for the ease of audiences are made and assigned to vendors and their shops so that it is easier for the preparation of the event day.

Day 3: On Sonam Losar, from the early morning a rally is initiated, rituals are performed by monks, bonbos and the day is started for celebrations. Chantings, Prays, Pujas are performed for renewal, purification, and spiritual growth followed with blessings to everyone. Political presence in there representing Tamang Community along with honorable Prime Minister for presentation and upliftment of the community. Well-known artists performed their talents including Traditional songs and dances, Selo performances, Modern arts, Comedies, and many more young/ new/ modern talents.

At Tudhikhel, Kathmandu, the festival is celebrated for 3 days where Namaste Sound has delivered its services by providing best quality sound system, light system, stage, screen along with the event management. The huge audience has always loved the event as a whole, particularly its sound system. Namaste Sound has become an iconic aspect of Sonam Loshar celebration in Nepal. Namaste Sound has created a history on its long journey by providing its services to thousands of audiences with satisfaction.

Hence, Namaste Sound is always remembered whenever Sonam Loshar in mentioned. The dedication, hard work and professional-quality services of Namaste Sound is noticeable and appreciable by whole nation.

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